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Stoma: informatie, uitleg & verzorging.

Stoma: informatie, uitleg & verzorging.

Prettig leven met een stoma! Voor meer informatie bezoek: www.soepelengezond.nl of https://www.facebook.com/soepelengezond/

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A quick explanation: colostomy, ileostomy, urostomy by Ostomy Lifestyle

Helen Bracey, Helpline Services Manager for Ostomy Lifestyle, a UK charity that supports people affected by stoma surgery, explains how the digestive and urinary systems work, and how stoma...

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Removing The Stigma Of Stomas | This Morning

Judi Spiers explains how her simple invention has helped stoma users.

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What Food Do You Eat With A Stoma? | Ostomonday

It's #Ostomonday! This week is all about food! Share your own answers to the following questions: - Is your diet more or less varied than before your surgery? - Are there any foods you tend...

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Leben mit einem Stoma

Stoma na und?! Tamara zu Gast bei MDR Live-Sendung, Hauptsache Gesund, \

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Bella Stoma Iedereen beroemd

tv programma iedereen beroemd, aflevering over stoma zorg.

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CDC: Tips from Former Smokers - Anthem Ad

This TV ad, from CDC's \

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Getekende uitleg: Het aanleggen van een Pouch en een Stoma

Uitleg waar aan de hand van tekeningen wordt weergegeven hoe een stoma en een pouch worden aangelegd. Illustraties door: J.F.M. Lange Video bewerking door: B.F. Hofker Ingesproken stem door:...

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One stoma or Two - This garment has you covered

The double layer boxer, provides vital support for anyone with an ostomy (reducing risk of hernias) whilst allowing the stoma bag or bags to sit off the skin between two layers of breathable...

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Stoma Cap Uygulması


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Instructie stoma


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How to Care for Irritated Skin Around Your Stoma

How to Care for Irritated Skin Around Your Stoma.

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Was bedeutet künstlicher Darmausgang/Stoma?

Passend zum Darmkrebsmonat März mein \

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Caring for a stoma

Nurse Gail Kerr talks about stomas and preparing stoma patients physically and psychologically for having a stoma. She talks about how they are fitted, how to care for the stoma whether it...

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Stoma Guard Belt by Stomaplex Ostomy Belt: How to wear an ostomy belt.

The Stomaplex Ostomy Belt & Guard will protect and support your stoma from impact and abrasion from clothing. Great for colostomy, ileostomy, and urostomy patients. Low profile and comfortable...

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RWMC 20 Nursing Considerations: Stoma Care

From the 2014 New England Oncology Symposium Diane M. D'Ambra, RN, MS, WCC, WCN Nursing Considerations: Stoma Care.

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What's a stoma?

With Terry Buchmiller, MD.

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Stoma irrigation with an electric pump

How to use IryPump® S, the new generation of mobile electric irrigation pumps. Simple and secure to use, compact and portable everywhere - irrigation with this B. Braun stoma irrigation pump...

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Managing THICK Ostomy Output: Stoma Care Tips

Thick output from an ileostomy or colostomy can pose a few problems for an ostomate: - Leaks. - Difficulty emptying your bag. - \

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Cleaning the Stoma - Breath of Life A Caregiver's Guide to Pediatric Trachestomy Care


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Ostomy, stoma protection from unwanted forces for men and women

Stoma protection from unwanted forces - Feel confidence during sporting activities - Protection from seat belts, dogs, young children, contact sports etc - Can be used in combination with...

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Stoma na und ?!!! Humor ist, wenn man trotzdem lacht. Ein kleiner Stoma-Mutmachfilm.

Vier Fachpflegekräfte in der Weiterbildung zum \

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Routine trach care and cleaning the stoma

This video includes information on when to perform routine trach care and cleaning as well as step by step directions for performing trach care. For more information visit http://ukhealthcare.uky.e...

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For 40-year-old fitness enthusiast Sandra, running is how she clears her head and recharges her batteries. That's why she was delighted when she found an ostomy solution that lets her stay...

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Yaprak Hücrelerindeki Stoma Hücreleri(Fotosuntez ve Oksijenli Solunum)


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Leben mit dem Stoma


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Stoma animation

Stoma animation.

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Yalvaç Fen Lisesi Stoma Şarkısı

Yalvaç Fen Lisesi Biyoloji Şarkıları -

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Colostomy UK - Beryl's story - 50 years with a stoma

Beryl has had a stoma since she was 5 years old. Here she tells her story and talks about the changes in stoma care over the last 50 years.

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